VN Ceramics & Pottery Studio – Hamilton, New Zealand

Boutique hand-made pottery

VN Ceramics is a boutique pottery studio, based in Hamilton, New Zealand. Vaughan produces a range of functional & sculptural pottery for use and display around the home.

Photos by Vaughan Norman.

Enjoy healthy eating with handmade plates & bowls

Eating from pottery bowls and plates is quite a bit different to eating from plastic or mass-produced ceramic crockery. These pieces have a weight, colour and texture that add richness and enjoyment to your food.


Vaughan’s colour pallets range from the classic clean whites, browns and blacks of traditional Japanese ceramics, to playful blues, turquoise and greens, drawing on natural landscapes of oceans, forests and night skies, as well as the earthy greens and browns of quintessential 60s and 70s stoneware.

A range of finished glaze colours

Choose your aesthetic

The combination of glaze and temperature during firing determine the colour of the finished product. While variations in colour occur naturally, the general style can be chosen. Each piece comes out unique and no two pieces are ever the same.

Photos by Vaughan Norman.

The Pottery Process

All pottery starts it’s life as raw clay, sourced from Aotearoa and the USA. Flat pieces such as plates, wakas and serving dishes are made from thin, rolled-out slabs of clay. Whereas circular pieces such as mugs or bowls are spun on a pottery wheel.

An International Influence

Born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Vaughan derives much of his influence from the African narrative.

Having studied under world-renowned potter Andrew Walford, Vaughan also draws on classical Japanese colours & patterns for a cleaner more refined look.

Now having been firmly settled in New Zealand for almost 20 years, Vaughan’s style has drifted to include a Pacific influence, particularly noticeable in his Waka-inspired bowls.

Vaughan has blended these international influences to develop his own unique style, which is authentic, soulful and vibrant. Photos by Vaughan Norman.


Custom Orders

Vaughan is delighted to take custom orders from anywhere in New Zealand. Be inspired by anything you see on this website and tell him your dream pieces. He will walk you through the process of creating a custom order so you can be confident you’ll get something you’re going to love!

Enquire today about custom pottery pieces.

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19 Malcolm Street
Hamilton, Waikato 3216
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