Pottery collections of both functional & sculptural pieces for use around the home, office or restaurant.

Cups & Mugs

A range of delicious-looking coffee cups and hot chocolate mugs, worthy of your morning ritual.

pottery serving platter
Pottery serving platter with blue ceramic glaze


Platters offer a unique way to serve up your latest culinary creations and come in a range of different colours & designs.


Inspired by the spiritual association with peace and love, these ornamental Doves bring a calm and relaxing aesthetic into any space.

Blue pottery ceramic vase
Pottery ceramic vase – blue


You won’t have to put this one back in the cupboard when the flowers are gone. These Japanese inspired vases are perfect decoration whether adorned by a single flower, bountiful bouquet or on their own.

pottery dish


These great looking, versatile, ovenproof dishes can be used as either serving dishes, or for baking those pasta bakes, pies and roasts.

Pottery Mask


Bring a truly unique aesthetic into your home or garden with these bespoke, one-off pieces of wall art.

pottery bowls with muesli


Bowls for breakfast, noodles or anything else that takes your fancy, in a range of different colours and sizes.

pottery plate in blue


Bring vibrancy to your meals with Vaughan’s classic dinner plates, a staple for any household.

ceramic jugs


A piece of art on your table and coming in a range of colours and sizes, these jugs are perfect for pouring up your favourite refreshments.

Waka Bowls

These Waka inspired bowls are a great table decoration and make a great fruit bowl on your coffee table or sideboard.