Boutique Hand-made Pottery

VN Ceramics is a boutique pottery studio, based in Hamilton, NZ.

We produce a range of functional & sculptural pottery.

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Beautiful Pottery for Everyday Use

All pottery is microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

My husband and I commissioned Vaughan to create a new set of dishes for us last year (2019). He was just great to work with. He clarified with us what colours and styles we liked best and then set out to create something that we would love. He kept us in the loop during the creation process (it IS art, after all) and ensured we were happy with the sample he created.

The end result was just awesome. We now have a beautiful, unique set of dishes – each one its own unique piece of art. Thank you, Vaughan.

Jennifer M.

We absolutely love Vaughan’s pottery, such beautiful designs and love the different shapes of all of them. Not only are they amazing to look at they are super functional, we use ours every day and they still look brand new. Thanks so much for all our pieces Vaughan we LOVE them.

Nikita & Kieran O.

We have always enjoyed the way Vaughan’s pottery sits at some point where pragmatism and creativity meet. His experiments with glazes on jugs and platters have resulted in visually exciting work while  his waka-inspired bowls, and his wire-and-pottery dragonflies, set his work apart.

Robyn & Charles R.

I have always loved pottery, both as a decorative as well as a functional art. I have loved it for its warmth, form, glaze – texture; but the pottery that I have loved most has been aimed at something illusive – the perfect piece. That is Vaughan’s aim; and that is why I love his vases, soup bowls, dragonflies and mosquitoes – each as lovely as the other.

Fred & Pat S.

The Pottery Process

The Raw Clay

The raw clay is all hand shaped, either on a pottery wheel or by rolling and shaping by hand. For some pieces, like the Doves, a mold is used to create a symmetric shape that can be joined in two halves – a bit like making an Easter egg.

Bisk Firing & Glazing

The wet clay pieces are bisk fired to dry them out completely. The clay that remains is porous and perfect for applying glaze to. Glaze is what gives stoneware pottery it’s glossy finish and colour. The glaze is applied like paint to the dry ceramic.

The Final Kiln Firing

The glazed pieces are fired again, this time at a much higher temperature. Glaze firings will reach temperatures of between 1180 and 1350 degrees Celcius depending on the clay and glaze used. At these temperatures, the clay and glaze both change chemical composition and vitrify (transform into glass). This results in the finished pieces being impermeable to water and tough enough to withstand daily use.